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The LanguaL 2017™ Thesaurus  -  Systematic Display

 Updated 2018-06-12


Scope noteThe distinctions in this category are based on size characteristics, primarily thickness, which are important for heat transfer and for diffusion of chemicals in processing. *DIVIDED INTO HALVES, QUARTERS OR SEGMENTS* should be examined first and if one of the descriptors listed applies it should be used regardless of the size of the pieces. If none of these are applicable, other *DIVIDED OR DISINTEGRATED* descriptors should be examined. Do not use any of these descriptors if dividing or disintegrating results in a semiliquid or semisolid product. 

Version 6.4 of the Swiss food composition database.

The updated Swiss Food Composition Database includes new data from analyses of minerals and vitamins carried out in Switzerland, see the FSVO website.
New version of the Swedish Food Agency food database.

New version of the Swedish Food Agency food database. See the Swedish Food Agency's website.
New version 2021/7.0 of the Dutch Food Composition Database (NEVO)

The Dutch Food Composition Database (NEVO) has been updated. See the NEVO website.
FooDB Version 1.0

FooDB is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource on food constituents, chemistry and biology. See FooDB version 1.0.